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Viron HD 3


Maxer is proud to launch latest generation camera under Viron HD 3 platform.

No-button No-adjustment camera control unit – The beauty of simplicity

User only has to select the mode of surgery from the menu and the integrated Automatic Adjustment System (AAS) instantly sets the optimum parameters for the selected surgery. 

Now doctors do not have to be hassled with setting up a camera, nor do they have to be bothered with frequent adjustment requirements presented by the traditional cameras.


A truly plug & play System!


6 Megapixel camera head provides extreme sharpness and the Three Chip Design provides two times higher sensitivity than standard CMOS 

cameras. Hence, the camera provides outstanding image clarity while maintaining high sensitivity when coupled with newly developed Algorithmic 

Enhancement System (AES). 

Automatic Reflection Control (ARC) software integrated in the unit maintains high brightness without excessive increase in reflections.

SOS Gain Function provides Quantum Increase in Sensitivity under extreme shortage of light. 

Anti-Moiré algorithm integrated in software helps to reduce the moiré present in flexible endoscopes.

Viron HD 3 features a special Max-Ves Mode for enhanced blood vessel rendition and Spectral Filter Algorithms are applied to enhance

vessels and contrast. 

Viron HD 3 has a flexible software platform and it will allow several exciting upgrades (Currently under development) without significant

hardware changes. A Multi-function Bluetooth interface is already integrated in the unit to enhance the user experience.