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Maxer Trolley

The modular trolley equipment cart system features a beautiful design, stability and functionality and can be retrofitted with additional components. Trolley is a logically-designed, variable equipment cart system for the storing of compact medical or electronic devices. With its high-grade metal shelves, rounded decorative corners and high-grade aluminum profile, the trolley equipment cart system comes ready-to-use in clinics and doctor’s surgeries. Trolley is practical for everyday purposes, is built to last and meets the strict hygiene requirements of clinics. Trolley also offers a range of optional system parts and accessories, which are listed in the price list. All equipment carts are delivered assembled. The trolley system allows models to be customized, the fulfillment of specific requirements and even offers the choice of special colors.


All trolley equipment carts include the following as standard:

  • castors with integrated thread guard and wall guards, 2 castors are lockable.
  • High-grade aluminum carrier unit including profile cover and decorative strips, in a choice of grey or blue.
  • Tough, disinfectant-resistant metal shelves, 45 or 63 cm wide with rounded grey decorative corners.
  • Soft self-closing drawers with ball castor bearing guide rails and a practical grey handle with label window.
  • Elegant and striking grey push handles. 2 or 4 push handles can be mounted on a cart.
  • Cable duct horizontal arm for the optimal management of up to 6 cables or a socket board.
  • Pull-out shelf for storing equipment or a keyboard.
  • Extremely strong chassis, 4 quality 125 mm diameter.