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Maxer offers 3 models of LED headlights for different applications.The light intensity ranges from 50,000 LUX to 200,000 LUX

LED Headlight, 50,000 Lux Wireless LED Headlight, 1,00,000 Lux
 Detail Catalog available on request. 
Wireless LED Headlight, 2,00,000 Lux  



Fiber Optic Headlight 

This is a modern focusable fiber optic headlight with high performance optical system, wide focus range and powerful light spot. Light weight and comfortable headband, well protected, bifurcated cable for long time use enhances the comfort. The light cable is high temperature resistant and made for use in all surgical operations. The high transmission bifurcated fiber bundle is guiding the light to the light outlet with minimum losses.

The cable can be clipped on for more comfort and less weight of the cable. By bifurcation above cross band and headband the weight of the high performance cable is spread symmetrically. Thereby a comfortable use for many hours is possible. The high performance optical system effects an intensive and homogenous spot which is adjustable in direction and size. The ergonomic headband is foam bolstered and can be adjusted steps.

The Fiber Optic Headlight is suitable for use along with 300 Watt Xenon.