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High Definition Cameras





  • Maxer has introduced the path breaking camera under new Viron HD II R platform with optional High Definition Recording.
  • The performance under low light is vastly improved and the reflections are significantly reduced through Digital Matrix Processing.
  • Preset parameters for different surgeries help get optimum image in all surgeries.
  • Freeze function is provided for patient education and teaching purpose. Image can be freezed from button on head or foot switch.
  • Facility to invert or flip the image allow surgeon to operate from opposite side of camera.
  • Optional software is available to control camera from computer. The functions of camera can also be controlled through keyboard besides entering patient data.
  • Color settings are optimized for LED Light source significantly reducing operating costs and chances of injury to patient.
  • The Camera can be supplied with or without capture facility. The capture resolution is 1920x1080 for both still and video recording.

1 CCD HD CAMERA - 2500 


  • Digital zoom
  • Full HD DVI-D output for superior image
  • RGB output
  • Advanced image Possessor
  • Accurate Color Rendition
  • Ergonomic waterproof head with 3 buttons
  • Six surgery presets for most common surgery
  • Keyboard input facility
  • Image Freeze Function
  • Anti-Moire and Gain function
  • Compatible to LED Light Source
  • Turn ON/OFF LED Light Source from head button
  • On screen display
  • Fixed shutter mode for Stroboscopy
  • Foot switch connectivity (optional)